Ignite Engagement with Data-Driven Storytelling

Attendees crave more than just information overload. They seek meaningful engagement, actionable takeaways, and insights that propel their growth.

Why Meeting Planners Choose Heather McDaniel for Their Tech Conferences

In today’s competitive conference landscape, attendees crave insightful, actionable content that directly impacts their business success.

Heather McDaniel, a captivating Marketing Strategist and Data Storyteller, delivers exactly that. Her data-driven keynotes are specifically designed to resonate with early-stage tech startups and SaaS companies (including female founders and industry-specific segments like Fintech & Healthtech) – the core audience of many industry conferences.

She delivers above and beyond captivating keynotes. She partners with you to ensure attendees remain engaged before and after the talk. These are some of the ways Heather inspires audiences before and after keynote presentations.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Equip your attendees with practical data storytelling skills through pre-conference workshops led by Heather.

Panel Discussions

Her dynamic presentation style, Deepen attendee engagement by having Heather participate in panel discussions on data utilization and customer-centric strategies for early-stage tech companies.

Customizable Content

Work with Heather to tailor her keynote or workshop specifically to your conference theme and target audience.

Pre- and Post-Keynote Engagement

Heather goes beyond the stage to maximize attendee value. Collaborate with her to develop pre-conference teasers or social media campaigns to build anticipation for her keynote. Additionally, explore post-keynote Q&A sessions or networking events where attendees can delve deeper into the concepts presented.

Trusted Excellence

The Data Storytelling Advantage for Your Conference

Booking the right speaker can make or break your event’s success. Here’s what sets Heather apart and how she can elevate your conference:

Targeted Content

Heather specializes in data storytelling for early-stage tech startups (Data Beginner & Data Aware) across various sub-segments, including SaaS, Fintech, Healthtech, and Sports Tech.

Actionable Takeaways

Her data-driven keynotes are packed with practical frameworks and actionable strategies attendees can implement immediately to improve customer retention, optimize marketing efforts, and make data-driven decisions.

Engaging Delivery

Forget dry lectures! Heather uses storytelling techniques to create interactive and captivating presentations that keep attendees glued to their seats.

Industry Expertise

She understands the unique challenges faced by early-stage tech founders and marketing leaders, tailoring her content to resonate deeply with your audience.

Keynote and Virtual Presentations

Session Topics

Whether your conference needs a dynamic keynote speaker or someone to dig into the details in a workshop setting, Heather can deliver. These are the most requested topics, and talks can be customized to fit your audience’s needs.

The Data Storytelling Edge: Captivate & Retain Customers for Growth

Struggling to keep customers engaged and coming back for more? What if the secret to skyrocketing customer retention wasn’t just about discounts, but about the power of storytelling powered by data?

In this data-packed session, Marketing Strategist and Data Storyteller Heather McDaniel unveils the magic of Data Storytelling for Customer Retention. You’ll discover how to leverage customer data to craft compelling narratives that not only retain customers but also drive brand loyalty and growth.

By the end of this session, audience members will be equipped to:

  • Develop a unique and engaging customer retention program using data storytelling.
  • Communicate your value proposition more effectively by choosing the right framework to showcase your data.
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers.
  • Drive measurable results and long-term growth for your business.

This session can be delivered as a workshop or keynote presentation, in-person or virtually.

Data Doesn’t Feel, But Your Customers Do: Humanizing Insights for Startup Growth

Feeling overwhelmed by data but unsure how to translate it into real results? You’re not alone. Many early-stage founders and startup leaders get caught in the data trap – focusing on numbers without understanding the human element that drives customer behavior and employee engagement.

This session, led by Marketing Strategist and Data Storyteller Heather McDaniel, dives into the critical gap between data analysis and emotional intelligence (EQ). You’ll discover how to bridge this gap and leverage the combined power of data and human understanding to unlock a new level of success for your startup.

Specifically designed for data-aware/data beginner founders and startup leaders, this talk equips participants to:

  • Move beyond basic data analysis and harness the power of emotional intelligence.
  • Craft customer-centric strategies backed by data and human understanding.
  • Make data-driven decisions that drive growth and foster long-term customer relationships.

This session is best delivered as a keynote presentation, in-person or virtually.


Heather McDaniel is a marketing strategist and data storyteller on a mission to empower early-stage and growth-stage tech startups to leverage the power of data for impactful decisions and growth.

With over 20 years of marketing leadership experience across diverse industries, Heather possesses a unique blend of data fluency and marketing expertise. Her “People-First” approach integrates emotional intelligence with data analysis, ensuring everyone connects with the human story behind the numbers.

A Master’s degree in Strategic Communication equips Heather to translate complex data into actionable insights and captivating presentations. Audiences walk away educated, inspired, and equipped with practical strategies to implement real change.

Heather is a renowned speaker known for her infectious enthusiasm and engaging delivery. She is based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and brings a global perspective to her work.

Elevate Your Conference with Data Storytelling Expertise

Attendees at your tech conference deserve more than just dry data presentations. Heather McDaniel ignites data with compelling narratives, empowering attendees with actionable insights to drive growth and retention.
Contact us today to discuss how Heather’s data storytelling expertise can make your next conference a resounding success!

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